Kinect Sensor

how it feels to play the game without a joystick, maybe you'll feel if you purchased a new game console developed by Microsoft that was named kinect, With kinect you can play games without having to control it via the joystick, you just move your feet and hands to be able to make This game moves, but if you know what is in the sensor kinect so that we can play without a joystick?

The following components are in the encounter in kinect console that is used as a sensor, as it has in reports by iFixit,

  • Four microphones. iFixit disassemble the equipment previously with binaural system, Kinect is a device with a sensor system design quatrinaural enabling voice recognition function.
  • Two cameras (infrared and color CMOS CMOS) to capture a variety of user information. One camera, combined with an infrared projector in order to generate 3D information necessary to form a map of the depth of the object, while the other camera work captures the object spectrum with the standard 640x480 resolution level. With enough light and space, the combination of this camera makes Kinect able mencitra objects in 3D.
  • A motor-driven with very small size. Better, keep it away from the reach of toddlers Kinect, because a strong pressure on its surface potential to make a gear on the motor is damaged.
  • Three-axis accelerometer.
  • Prime Sense-Chip PS1080-A2. Kinect developed based on motion detection technology, Prime Sense. This chip is the brain of Kinect. All sensors connected to this chip and processed before generating a depth map and color objects to the Xbox device.

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