Grand Theft Auto ( GTA ) IV

Grand Theft Auto or GTA is often abbreviated openworld game developed by rockstar, this game has a background liberty city is a lot like New York city, also with captivating graphics, now shooting in the game can be done while sheltering behind a wall. This feature makes the gameplay in GTA IV as deep as any other shooter games on the market today. In addition, streets in the game are now experiencing a change in texture and sound when bypassed. This is just there in GTA IV.

The fighting drove an increase of its own, this time we will not mess around with missions that require us to do a shoot in the car. Automatic locking facility provides a little easier, except that now the shot can be made more freely even when we are in the passenger seat.

What about the story of GTA IV? For this one I will not reveal the story game GTA IV, I will allow you to experience the dark story of Rockstar style common in the GTA in every episode. Clearly, the main character of GTA IV is a former soldier who has a pretty bleak past, now the story is not only stuck around how to become rich as well as control of the city. The addition of the narrator in the delivery of the story provides its own nuances that have never been experienced in previous games. You could say the role of the main characters in GTA games this time, has more story elements than previous GTA series. Following the story of GTA IV will spend approximately 40 hours of gameplay. The duration of the game will be getting longer if you want to get all the secrets contained in the game.

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smeth ross said...

Grand Theft Auto IV is the out standing game. In this game player can do the different crimes for complete its game task.
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